My Old Friend Serge

I did see something today which remind me of my old friend Serge Gainsbourg, who was singer. Close to my own house in London is little park (this is not house where Donald live next door, which is elsewhere in country close to animal sanctuary etc) where I take my lovely dog Anna Karenina V (the fifth) for walk when she feel restless and there I did see it.  Quite why this thing remind me of him I do not know. I think it make Anna think of something too as she did stop and look pensive as dog can, although it cannot be Serge, who she did not know.

One time Serge did drive me around Etoile in Paris as many times until we both were sick and car go down Metro stairs. We fall out of it and did go to club in Pigalle. What memories.

It is strange but I have forget this thing in park which remind me of Serge, although I know it was a good thing. Well, well.


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