Public Safety Broadcast

As I reflect on incident of train I have mention I wonder: where is public safety broadcast film? When I watch television I sometimes see unhealthy person on sofa ring NHS number for illness, bad health while life disappear like dust in hoover, or idiot as cartoon, draw from squiggle who is have sex without see consequence, but where is proper safety broadcast?
Proper safety broadcast have: DIRECT, AUTHORITY and AWE. Thus, I can remember such film from 1970 of young man on bicycle without light pass by truck driver who shout ‘YOU REAR LIGHT’, and also child film, ‘Tufty Club’, which for young child also have direct quality, through suitable animation and voice, and authority in form of policeman, and awe, through character of Tufty. I feel great awe in fact to this Tufty, who was squirrel, and who children love.
Around me in one single day I see so many thing which could be address in simple way through adequate public safety film: film which have slightly scary voice, such as ‘Big Brother’ or official, not ‘matey matey voice of friend in pub, or gossip over cuppa tea, and so on. Such thing I would suggest to be:
Car drive too fast.
Bicycle with no light.
Child who is shout at in street by parent.
Dog lock in car or home all day.
Student who drop rubbish and who drink (although in different film).
Model aeroplane fly near airport (which is deadly).
Smoke cigarette (I have idea to stop smoking which I will share at another date).


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