At Home at Last

image dog

Squirrel and dog, almost resemble Anna, in similar position to one another

So I am at home briefly, in countryside, with lovely dog Anna Karenina V. Those who made acquaintance of Anna III in Uncle Kasimir book collected by Niece Gabi will be sad to hear how she die peacefully in sleep at old age. Anna IV, who I buy as puppy did escape into wilds in Scotland, while I on holiday to see my friend Donald. She now live as wild dog near town of Ballater, where local go to feed her and in case they forget, Donald. I tell him other day, ‘I realise by the way I name cat Donald after you.’ He find this amusing. So I obtain Anna V from Scottish Ghillie, also as puppy, and she reside here with my housekeeper, Mrs Freud (same as Sigmund).

This afternoon I  will play game of ‘Squirrel’ with Anna, where she pretend to be squirrel in wood. I do not know for certain if this is what she does as this is requiring leap of imagination into mind of a dog. However, she look like squirrel and play with acorn, and climb small tree, and leap across branch. When she see real squirrel she wag tail and bark in congratulation (which I do know as it is how she bark when my birthday). Now I go, call ‘Anna’.


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