I Am No Longer Away

I read with interest on Amazon a harsh review of book, Wisdom of Uncle Kasimir. In this review some comment is made against people called Fraser who write other review, but I will only say: idiot. I remember clearly in 1944 as I am in tank and ride through Holland there was a man in platoon, I forget his name, who enjoy making criticism of others. When tank stop he climb from cab and jump down while drone on about faulty this, faulty that, stupid this, stupid that. I say to him to look out – but was too late. He jump into mine shaft and all I hear is long wail as he descend (very long wail), then splash like stone at bottom of deepest well. As we drive on I think to myself perhaps this was natural. For this man, oblivion was natural element.  He fall out of the world like stone kick by boot, and was not miss by anyone. I make sign of cross but until now I have never think of him. So Amazon reviewer he would thank you, I am sure, for resurrecting memory.