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Hello Again!

I have for some time become silent as church (when it is empty, particularly in land like England). Unfortunately it was because of very important matter involving Mr Donald Trump (who is not relate to man I know called Uncle Donald or of my cat, Donald. He did read my own book, THE WISDOM OF UNCLE KASIMIR, from Bloomsbury publishers many years ago and did decide to ask me a question. Here it is, in essence, as I recall:

Q: Dear Kasimir, we have not met. I would please like advice about how I can become president of United States. This is only in theory, mind you as I am TV celebrity and property mogul, but just in case. Your, Donald Trump.

As you can see I make mistake. I did offer this man good advice on how he might become president, and he did! So, for some time now I have had hands full trying to avoid nuclear war, revolution in USA, etc, through various kind of diplomacy and other means.  It is time I did take a break, and so I shall return to my beautiful house in Switzerland. And from there I shall recount to you my thoughts about world affair, the Swiss, and other things. Oh, of course I will mention Brexit as well as is disaster.  So when I arrive I shall say more. Goodbye to you for now, my friends.