This is idea from my friend Sarah, who is expert. BIRDMAN Last week I did see the film BIRDMAN. It remind me of idea I have as a child: CATMAN, only spell with K as KATMAN. KATMAN did come from KATHMANDU in Himalayas. KATMAN would attack forces of evil, to begin with Prussian, Russian and so on, and utter fearsome cry of KATHMANDU. This was from from my lesson in English, where I discover KATHMANDU to sound like KAT MAN DO! Kat man would do good deed and then go home to Khatmandu where he live in giant bird nest which was like basket. While Kat man did dream in basket, regathering strength he, himself, would dream of being BIRDMAN (of course because giant cat basket was nest, perch on isolated branch of tree reaching over ravine, like arm of devil). Compare to my Katman dream of being Birdman this BIRDMAN in film which I saw was no comparison. Although with much insight into angst of stage actor, existential crisis of middle age and this kind of matter, where was TERROR MOUSE or BALLOON PIG and BIG SEAL? These were character of my Katman story where he dream of being BIRDMAN. Which is reminding me of what happen in dream I did have myself when I come up with idea for various other feature. In this dream I was a cat only not Donald, my cat, who does not live with me. Most peculiar.  Maybe I do miss Donald. BIRDMAN is very good film indeed. I award it FOUR star.  Very good acting from all actors, especially man who play drunk. I wonder if he is truly drunk, such is the accuracy of his performance. Woman who was in David Lynch film was especially good, and I would make special mention of Michael Keaton, bald and fat.


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