Special Announcement

I was thinking in dream last night, as so often happen when particular important thought is emerging and was given to conclude of certain feature I will apply to this newspaper. My father, Stanislaw, often prosecuted for the way he did denounce Prussian oppressors in regular column POLISH FIRE, in newspaper he begin for insurrection, was himself given to special feature such as NO! and NEVER IN MY LIFE! or NOT ONCE! or NO, NEVER! and so on.

I did see these as an infant from where I stood as he wrote – he like me to stand for inspiration for him, on picture of Prussian various government official, and to jump and stamp  on picture while he did play accordion or clap hand before he commence writing. I LIKE THIS he would shout, only in Polish, and slap me hard on back, although often I fall over.

Today I see it is usual for reader to LIKE thing on internet. I wonder, how, philosophically, one might denounce as my father did on internet? I see no NEVER or NOT IN MY LIFETIME button, for example. But this is aside.

My idea of special feature will be to have irregular but often piece such as IN THE NEWS or HOME CINEMA in addition to occasional musing.



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