Relative Silence

This is not to do with communication from my several sibling! No, it is because now I am penning drama to accompany INTERNATIONAL CRICKET WORLD CUP, as preliminary. This will be similar to but better than example of drama which feature James Bond before OLYMPIC. It will have science fiction bias, and guest appearance from various famous cricketer, alive and dead (REALLY! YES!) plus romance, alien and return of evil Dark Lord I first create but name of who I have forgot for speculative TV Science Fiction series I send to Patrick Moore in 1960s. But now I write! There will also be animal, as I promise Donald and Anna small cameo to make up for my absences. And also I do same for Mrs Freud, Mrs Klein and Heloise, little girl who look after Anna while I am away. And for taxi driver Mr Phillips (not Adam Phillips, psychoanalyst, although he also, I have said I may offer some lines to).


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