More People

As I flick through diary I see there are various other who will have small part in science fiction drama. Here is list. if you name is not here but I promise you part please be in touch immediately.

Craig, Bus Driver who stop at roundabout so I get off better.
Mary, who work at library and give me book.
Gardener Mr Chives for having excellent name Рis why I employ him (I joke, Mr Chive).
Bono from rock band U2 who I insult, but I apologise.
Lily, another child, friend of Heloise.
Colin, friend of Lily.
Ms Evangelista, model, who offer me swap seat on transatlantic flight.
Simon Le Bon, singer, who did show me yacht manoeuvre.
Vera, lady who deliver post with happy smile and light manner.

I think is it. Now I write!


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