In The News

Comedy is Biggest
I see that is said Britain is leading place in world for comedy. This is not correct, as I would say having seen very entertaining comedian in many place not Britain, for example Cairo where something really make me laugh. What I would say is different: in Britain there are many people who do make joke as he or she are unable to express anger as, for example, Italian, Greek or other nation. In Britain solution is generally crack joke, or go get drunk (not as Russian would do) or say nothing and commit secret act to cause pain, humiliation elsewhere. I see man call Herring say this, and have to admit that his name is of course very funny.

Owl Attack
In Salem, USA, barred owl did attack jogger and steal hat. This is typical of American to make fuss about act of nature. I remember good friend Donald, after whom I name cat Donald, tell me about when was attack by buzzard in Scottish Highland. It is more common than we would assume. And what is difference between owl attack and get hat, monkey who throw nuts, and bear which maul? All of these animal regard people as IDIOT, who trespass where not wanted.

Greece Nazi Party
My good friend Mr Varoufakis serve to remind German finance minister of unpleasant truth. I am old man now but not so old I forget event of April 1941. This is problem. In today world we pretend to forget but we remember in ways we do not know. We say we must remember dead and  we act as if we forget war. Today Germany very powerful nation. So powerful it offer to send tax inspector to Greece. We do not forget war when we look at news any day and see what happen all over world, distant ripple of snake underground which is memory, or like vast mole which burrow, burrow, burrow. This is history. Hitler blame war in Greece on fact he lose war.