New Painting

Anna V will be made portrait tomorrow, with Donald who is cat. For Anna III I did have various portrait in honour of Victorian Era, which now hang in dining room. For Anna IV, was only one painting, before she escape into Scottish wild: Gethsmane.  In this she pose as Our Lord on night before crucifixion. Anna IV was special dog, but perhaps I should have decide John Baptist. It was intend to be one of various New Testament scene. Now, for Anna V, I am in midst of ‘Famous Couple’ series of painting. I have never before had cat; and when I get cat, Donald, I lose dog, Anna IV (although she later reappear to be fed by citizens of Scottish village and Donald, my friend). So I get another Dog, Anna V, and I find I have new dog and new cat at same time! Then it come time, as I have habit to, for birthday portrait of Anna I decide to have portrait of both.  So far in series I have had pose the following, according to my instruction for artist:

BRIEF FOR ARTIST (Famous Couple series)

Date: 6 February 2012
Title: ‘Who is Joker Now?’
Suggested Detail: Donald is Batman and Anna is Boy Wonder Robin. They snatch bag of kitten from hand of Joker as he prepare to throw off bridge. Joker know game is up from awful expression of doom and bitterness.
Special Note: Donald scratch.

Date: 6 February 2013
Title: ‘Bonnie and Clyde’
Suggested Detail: Donald have machine gun and white suit while Anna look spectacular in lovely red dress, explode into bank like loving ghoul. Outside is cheering crowd of poor folk, arms outstretch for money.
Special Note: Anna will chew on gun.

Date: 6 February 2014
Title: ‘Another Fine Mess’
Suggested Detail: Anna is Stan Laurel and Donald is ‘Laughing Gravy’, famous dog from Laurel and Hardy film. Stan make hat go up in air because Laughing Gravy have eat all sausage in kitchen where Stan is dishwasher (Laughing Gravy belong to him) and chef approach with meat cleaver in rage.
Special Note: Mr Chive, gardener, will be good to pose as chef. If not get Bono from pop band U2 who owe me favour.

Date: 6 February 2015
Title: ‘Hi Ho Silver’
Suggested Detail: Donald is Lone Ranger and Anna V is Silver, majestic horse. She rear up on horizon while Donald cock hat at bad guy (who lie about on floor, vanquish).
Special Note: Donald to wear blue Tom Kitten suit which he love.