Dart Tag

Today I did receive various documents which look not unlike documents issue by organisation like Stasi, with photograph of my car which say I must pay fine of over seventy pounds, or half of this if I pay early (bargain) … and then on other piece of paper I see writ words to effect: if you pay £2.50 within fortnight all is forgiven because we, idiot as we are (apologies but I garnish with this), have without warning stop using toll both at lovely Dartford bridge and make it look like they are broken, not being use, so you drive through, get photograph and fine instead. Then we send you pin-head letter which direct you to web site, illegible nonsense which take several go to use, utterly useless. In truth in my rage I would have done as I did to Nazi officer in Amsterdam one time. Only how do you do this to computer? Actually they do not say much of this, but you get message, I imagine. It is scam, of no help to anyone. Typical scam load with fear and persecution by government. I am this afternoon to see minister for transport to discuss privately. I am outrage.