Cricket World Cup Update

Cricket world cup is start but I am distracted. Today it is Valentine (quick update: Woakes drop easy catch, idiot, and Australia marmalise English bowlers as expected. Perhaps will be good batting from England. This sometimes happen but now is like in about 1990 when I watch cricket and am remind of boring film on Sunday afternoon with surprise exciting moments). SEE ALSO first episode of my science fiction cricket drama idea for World Cup as unveil maybe two days ago.

But now Valentine and my lady friend Patrushka from Moscow ballet is by luck in London for performance. But I cannot decide what I wear for date, my wardrobe is so extensive. I have of course suit from many, many era in my closet, and may even today ring tailor to supply special number for this evening, but in all that is honest I am rather concern. What does man of my age wear for Valentine date which does not feel as if I wear before? In playful mood, perhaps I might wear ‘cat suit’ provide by my good friend Valentino (appropriate!). This would please cat, Donald, who seem rather under weather today. Cat suit is like any other fine suit but with small design of cat on sleeve button. I like this one and perhaps I wear. Or maybe I wear robe which Mr O’Toole present to me after he star in Arabia film, and I arrive for date like sultan. No, I think in current climate this might have risk attach. I shall go and read Donald story, and then make up mind.