Picture of Word

There are few picture of word. What I mean is simple. Sometimes designer do design with letter of word, and sometimes picture have name, such as ‘wisdom’. This was typical of Victorian artist, perhaps of virtue. Or ‘glutton’, who is not. But what I mean is that it is rare to see picture of word, paint as if rabbit, cow or sheep. What would word like CLOWN, for example, look like if it is not looking like a clown. because clown which is a clown must be different from clownish look of CLOWN (man with red nose, etc). Inner clown, perhaps? Clown inside. what is clown that I am writing which make word ‘clown’ into clown. It is a mystery. One night I dream about a word as another word, too, which disguise it. But I forget what.
While I write science fiction cricket drama I must also take Anna V to local artist Stoddart to pose for portrait. I still have in my study lovely picture of Anna III: ‘So She Swam.’ This new picture will be similar, but better.